how to get Mermade hair

It is super easy to get Mermade Waves! There is no need for winding, rolling, twisting or pulling the hair! Simply, clamp & release. It is the easiest way to transform your hair to lush long waves. Learn how to get lush waves with our #mermadewaves hair stylist Chanel Beck.  

"No other hair tool can give this sexy, tousled bedroom hair like Mermade Hair does. Once you have done your first clamp and released the hair, re-clamp the top of MERMADE hair on to the last wave bend. This will create a seamless wave from roots to ends. If you are after a beachy wave then leave out an inch or two of your ends keeping them straighter."

Co-Founder & Director of Koko Blaq Coiffeur + Kevin Murphy Color.Me Educator

Mermade Hair Stylist

Step 1. Prep

The key to long lasting, lush waves is PREP. You want to inject your hair with a heat protectant & something to give your hair some grit and hold. My go to products are by KEVIN MURPHY! Hair resort, heated defense, anti gravity or body builder work absolute wonders - you could even cocktail them all. Once you have prepped your locks, you want to make sure your hair is 100% dry.

Step 2. wave

Set the heat to 210 C. Section & clip the hair into four parts. Starting from the back 1 inch off the scalp, take small sections for a more defined Kardashian wave or larger sections for your beachy undone wave. Comb the hair and clamp the hair, hold for 5-10 seconds releasing and following the same method through to the ends repeating throughout the whole head.

Step 3. Made

Once you have finished waving make sure the hair has completely cooled down before beginning your MADE regime. Either use your finger tips, a brush or a large wide tooth comb and softly brush out your waves to get the look you want. Finish by using a flexible workable spray. I love to add KEVIN MURPHY Powder puff at the roots and for some shine!

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