Baby (hairs) got back

We have spent so much time licking and sticking our baby hairs back, praying that they don’t spring out of line. But all this energy could probably be spent better elsewhere, now that baby hairs are back, baby! Say baby again…

Those small, wispy, fine hairs located around the edges of your hairline are (finally!) good for something – style!

And here’s how to style them.

Get them wet

The easiest way to contour your baby hairs is to start with wet strands. Use a mist spray bottle to lightly wet them without wetting the rest of your hair. Use your fingers to ensure the water is evenly distributed along the strands before drying them.

Hit dry

Hold your baby hairs in place by gently pressing them against your forehead and then blow dry them. Our Mermade Hair Dryer has a small diffuser so you can focus on smaller parts. Holding the hairs while you blow dry them will ensure they lie in the direction you want (because we all know they’re not easy to tame). We recommend using the heat function for about 3 seconds, and then switching to cool function to close the cuticle.

Got an old toothbrush?

It’s an industry secret that using a toothbrush to shape and define parts of the hair allows for precision and reinforcement – especially when working with baby hairs. Run the bristles so they smooth down the hair before setting with hairspray.

Shape it up

Depending on your hair depends on what product you should use so they keep hold. Straighter, thinner hair holds hairspray better as it’s not too heavy. Textured, thicker hair works well with a styling cream. Add the product for the finale and get ready to slay all day!

See our fave celebs styling their baby hairs:



Kim Kardashian


Katy Perry