The Hairstyle You Need This 4th of July Weekend

Get out your bucket hats and update your Spotify playlist – 4th of July weekend is just around the corner!

Whether you’re heading to a backyard BBQ or an epic pool party, celebrate America’s independence in style by recreating Hailey Bieber’s iconic braids and bucket hat look. 


What you’ll need:


How to get this look:

  1. Section hair with Grip Clips
  2. Spray hair with Mermade Mist
  3. Use the 22mm Cutie throughout the hair. This doesn’t need to be perfect, but super loose to create that effortless look
  4. Comb out with Wave Comb to make it extra loose
  5. Pin back front sections with bobby pins from our Pony Kit
  6. Do two baby braids on each side and secure with tiny clear elastics (also from our Pony Kit)
  7. Pop on your bucket hat + get partying!


Don’t forget to stock up on insect repellent and dance the night away!