Get Ready while I do my hair in the car

Getting that day-to-night glow-up has never been more effortless, thanks to our game-changing USB-C Roller Duo. Say farewell to the struggle of hunting down a power socket – these bad boys are cordless and warm up by charging with a USB-C cord. Not only that, they're super kind to your tresses, boasting lower heat temps to keep your mane healthy and damage-free. The cherry on top? They're so compact they snugly fit in your handbag, making them your new on-the-go BFFs. Whether you're cruising in a car, jet-setting on a plane, or hustling at your work desk – the possibilities are endless!

Now let’s GRWM in my car!

Step 1

Ensure your USB-C Rollers are fully charged and ready to slay!

Step 2

Spritz on that Mermade Mist like it's the secret sauce for flawless hair – because, let's be real, it totally is. It adds shine, smooths hair and protects against heat and environmental damage - it does it all!

Step 3

Time for the fun part! Take a warm Roller and wrap a small section of hair around it, gently securing it with the silicone loop. You can do any section, but I’m styling my bangs! Pop in the other Roller if needed, and you’re good to go! Let those babies cool while you drive to your final destination.

Step 4

Unleash the Rollers, run a brush through those bangs for that effortlessly chic vibe, and you're officially slayin' the day-to-night game.

Who would've thought you could get all glammed up in your car?! If you’re after another travel-friendly styling tool, check out our mini curl tong.