How to Clean Your Hot Air Blow Out Brush

POV: Your Blow Dry Brush has become your new best friend and you literally can’t go a day without it. It dries, styles, smooths and volumizes hair in minutes… no wonder why we’re hooked! 

If you’re someone who has their life together and manages to wash their hair daily (kudos) or you’re like us and wash day comes around every few days, your hot air brush builds up oil, grime, and product residue over time.

Neglecting to clean your blow out brush will ruin the bristles and the base, while adding grime back into your freshly washed hair.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Small nail scissors or a tail comb
  2. Wet cloth
  3. Alcohol wipe - not essential
  4. Dry Cloth

Here’s how to clean:

  1. Always make sure your tool is off, unplugged and cool before cleaning.
  2. Use the nail scissors (or the handle of a tail comb) to easily remove hair.
  3. You can use the tip of the scissors to remove any gunk in the vents.
  4. Wipe down bristles with a damp cloth (not soaking, water only) and work your way in between the bristles. Remember to be gentle.
  5. Wipe down handle with alcohol wipes (or damp cloth).
  6. Use the dry cloth to wipe up any leftover water droplets to make sure they don't go into the motor.
  7. Allow to dry for a couple of hours before heating it up and using again.
  8. Do not immerse hot tool in water – this will ruin the motor!