How Do I Get a Matilda Djerf Blowout

It’s the hair that broke the internet. The hair that had a permanent residency on Pinterest boards. The hair that changed the way we started styling our bangs. We’re talking about the phenomenon of Matilda Djerf and her iconic big bouncy blowout. 



Who is Matilda Djerf?

Matilda Djerf is a Swedish influencer who boasts 2.7 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million TikTok followers. Fans flocked to her socials to replicate her effortless Cali meets Scandi style – to which she launched her own label Djerf Avenue in 2019 – and to mimic her 70s inspired Cindy Crawford locks.




How can I create Matilda Djerf’s hair at home?

What you will need

  1. Styling Shampoo: deeply cleanse away dirt, oil and product build up, while adding weightless volume to support the perfect blowout, curl, wave and style.
  2. Styling Conditioner: no need to wait for second day hair ever again, our one-of-a-kind conditioner creates the perfect base for longer lasting waves, dreamy curls and big blowouts.
  3. Styling Primer: this product has been formulated to speed up drying time while injecting strands with hydration and moisture for a light, voluminous, airy, bouncy blowout.
  4. Interchangeable Blow Dry Brush: This 3-in-1 life saver creates epic bounce + volume like no other tool on the market.
  5. Velcro Rollers: heat-resistant hybrid materials assists in adding curve and curl to hair.
  6. Super Serum: a weightless and waterless supercharged serum styles, smooths, injects shine, repairs split ends, nourishes, and protects your mane.
  7. Grip Clips: firm hold without snagging so you can section and style your mane with ease.

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What to do


The best hair always starts with the best prep. Apply a small amount of Styling Shampoo to damp hair and scalp. Ensure roots to ends are covered. Massage to release the lather and continuously add water for extra lather. Rinse thoroughly. No need to double shampoo. Rinse hair thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water. Apply Styling Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Leave on for at least 1 minute to activate ingredients, then rinse thoroughly. Spray the Styling Primer generously throughout damp hair before drying with your hair dryer or blow dry brush.

Hot tip: Always make sure excess water is removed from hair before you pick up your drying tool. This will not only minimise time it takes to dry, but also reduce frizz and breakage while allowing the formula to penetrate.


Towel dry hair so it is damp. Use the Pre-Styling Dryer attachment to dry the roots and remove any excess water. Divide hair into 2-inch sections with our Grip Clips. Use the 60mm attachment to start with the bottom sections. As you place the 60mm oval brush near the root, brush slowly away from the head. Continue doing this to remove moisture and to dry each bottom section. Switch to the 32mm attachment. Wrap top later of hair and bangs around barrel while simultaneously pulling the tool down and turning. This will give you that curve and bounce like Matilda Djerf.


While bangs are still hot from the Blow Dry Brush, start from the end and roll the Velcro Roller inwards towards the roots so the roller sits horizontally. Secure with the Mermade Grip Clips. Repeat to sections where you want extra bounce. Add a few drops of Super Serum onto hands and rub together, then distribute evenly from roots to ends. The waterless lightweight formula will add moisture and shine without weighing hair down. It’s like a big glass of water, but for your hair. And don't forget to get creative!


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