Sunday Night Hair Care Routine

Hair wash day can be a real effort, going through a hair regime from start to finish can be quite the task. Especially when it’s an elaborate 10 step process to achieve the silky soft hair we are all trying to achieve. After trial and error, I have found my go to effective yet simplistic Sunday hair care routine which sets the tone for my hairstyling for the week. Now we will share the overview of creating this simple hair care routine in steps for you to also achieve healthy hair!

Altering your hair care routine for any specific hair concerns is important in personalising your hair care routine:

  • Damage, Dryness, Frizz - Conditioner
  • Oiliness/ Greasiness, Built up Product – Shampoo
  • Dull, Split ends/ Dead ends – Hair Mask
  • Scalp related – Flaky, Scratchy, Dry – Scalp Oil

Constructing a hair care routine based upon areas you want to correct is essential to every basic hair care routine to achieve your desired result. The products used, the frequency of the hair care routine etc. will vary depending on your personal routine.


1. Cleansing and Detoxifying Shampoo

Using a shampoo to cleanse your hair from the oils, grease and built-up product is an essential step of your routine. Your shampoo should gently detoxify the hair as our manes hold onto a ton of dirt, pollution and even germs.

Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo will nourish the scalp and strands, leaving your hair feeling clean and fresh. You will notice the difference.

We recommend: The Mermade Hair - Styling Shampoo

2. Repairing and Hydrating Conditioner

A conditioner that injects moisture and creates hydration is essential in replenishing the hair from any damage or dryness whilst detangling your locks. Trust me, your hair will be thanking you.

Applying the conditioner to the wet hair and combing the product through under the water with a wave comb will ensure the conditioner is applied evenly through the hair.

We recommend: The Mermade Hair - Styling Conditioner

3. Nourishing Hair Treatment

Regular hair treatments will improve the overall health and appearance of your locks! It will tackle the Flaky/ Dry scalp whilst bringing life to the potential dullness and split ends.

Hair Masks: Apply a generous amount of a thick restorative mask from mid-lengths to ends and leave on for 1-10 minutes for optimal absorption, then rinse thoroughly. Further, you can apply a warm towel for extra penetration. Adding this as a once-a-week addition to your haircare routine will allow for optimal shine and smoothness.

Scalp Oiling: Applying oil onto the roots and massaging into the scalp promotes general hair health and encourages hair growth. Massaging the oil rejuvenates the mane whilst releasing itchiness and flakiness from the scalp.

We recommend: The Mermade Hair - Repair Mask

We recommend: Checking out our Scalp Oiling blog for all the how-to info.

4. Extra Hair Care Tips:

Protect hair and scalp from sun: Using a heat protectant spray or specifically designed SPF nourishing mist to protect your scalp from UV damage.

Healthy Hair Foods: Eating a balanced diet to provide your hair with the needed nutrients. Hair is primarily made up of protein so incorporating this to the daily diet will stimulate stronger hair follicles. Other essential nutrients include, Omega, Zinc, and Vitamin B12.

Hair Cuts: Getting a haircut every 2 months will ensure less breakage and split ends whilst promoting hair growth.

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