The Cutest Hairstyles You’ll Want This Summer

Sometimes styling your hair in summer can suck. It gets way too sweaty on the back of your neck, it’s flatter than French crepes, and don’t even get us started on the frizz! But we’ve narrowed down our top hairstyles that will keep you #coolforthesummer.


Wavy Bob
Cut it all off and then add some wavy texture to the simple, yet sophisticated bob.


Pastel Balayage
Add a touch of colour to your ends to boost ultimate summer hair goals.

Retro Pony
This retro up-do is the perfect style to keep the hair off the back of the neck on those sweaty summer days.


Natural Curls
Use your diffuser with some leave-in conditioner to fight off the summer frizz.



Baby Braids
Liven up your hair with some baby braids that frame the face (instead of sticking to it).

Top Knot
Whether it’s a messy or a polished bun, the top knot will always be in style.

Perfect to cover up those oily roots on a hot summer day while adding a pop of colour.

Bantu Knots
Bantu knots are low maintenance, keeps your hair protected from the heat, and are super cute!