Frustrating shopping trip behind Mermade Hair Waver idea

Written by Hannah Paine at

The idea for Mermade Hair came by chance to Tara Simich during a frustrating shopping trip experience most of us can relate to. It was 2019 and the Perth mum, now 31, had just given birth to her second child and was shopping for a hair tool she could use for an upcoming wedding.

“I really wanted to achieve this modern wave. I’m terrible at doing my own hair and it was too hard to get to the salon and I just thought, ‘imagine if my crimper could just be much bigger, then I could crimp a more modern large wave’,” Mermade Hair founder Tara told

The disappointment made Tara, who had always had “all the tools” and is “really passionate” about hair, realise there was “definitely a gap” that needed to be filled.


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