Shopify Collaborators


  • Recommended for nano and micro influencers, and content creators.
  • Earn a 15% commission every time a customer shops with your unique Shopify Collabs code or link.
  • Your customers receive a 15% off discount sitewide.
  • Receive automatic payments via PayPal.
  • Make money while creating content and fostering your community on social media.
  • Get featured on our social media channels when you create amazing content.
Top FAQs

How do I get started with Shopify Collabs?
Sign up for a Shopify Collabs account, complete your profile and start browsing available collaborations. Apply to collaborate with us. Unfortunately, not everyone can be approved.

Can I use Shopify Collabs on multiple platforms?
Yes, Shopify Collabs supports integration with various social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok & YouTube.

My customers cannot use my affiliate code at checkout when you have a sale.
Please be advised that your affiliate code only applies to full-priced products, not on already-discounted items or gift cards. However, you can still earn commission with your link, so we recommend sharing your link everywhere during a sale.