Mermade Hair Product Testing Club allows you to test and review our new products for free. All we ask for is your honest feedback, website reviews, and before and after photos and videos so that we can continue to create innovative products that our community will love.


  • Be the first to know about our upcoming sale campaigns, product launches, special offers and more.
  • Receive complimentary products to test and create content with every quarter (shipping fee is on us).
  • Be involved in the product development process.
  • Receive an exclusive 30% off discount code to shop our products sitewide all year long.
  • Earn a competitive 20% commission rate every time a customer places an order with your affiliate code and/or link.


  • Provide a before photo (hair is unstyled, 4:5 format, no filters, no text).
  • Provide an after photo per product received (hair is styled, 4:5 format, no filters, no text).
  • Provide a tutorial video per product received (9:16 format, 30-60 seconds, no filters, no text, no music).
  • Provide a website review per product received on
  • Follow us on all social media channels and engage in our social media posts.
  • Consent for Mermade to use your content in our marketing plan.


If you are successful you will be notified by email. If you have any questions or would like to follow up your application, email

Enter your details below to apply. Must be based in United States or Canada & over 18 years of age.