Good Things Come in Threes

You’ve seen them all over TikTok and Instagram, and no, they’re not what you think they are (get your head out of the gutter!). Triple-barrel crimpers, aka wavers, are the biggest trend to take on hair since Miley brought back the she-mullet. So, let’s delve into what they are and what they’re used for.

What is a triple-barrel curling iron?

A triple-barrel curling iron, also known as a three-barrel curling tong, comprises of three side-by-side curling wands that create deep waves. The hair will result in an ‘S’ wave that makes it different to traditional curling tongs.

What are the benefits of a triple-barrel curling iron?

Benefits of using a three-barrel curling iron is that there is a larger surface area. This means that more hair can fit through the barrels, cutting styling time in half. Compared to a traditional crimping iron or curling tong, the three-barrel iron is super easy to manoeuvre and creates seamless waves. It will also create a soft wave, giving a beachy mermaid look.

Look how quick and easy it is to use.


What hair types can work with a three-barrel curling iron?

Every and any hair type can work with a triple barrel curling wand. You can use it on straight hair to give volume, you can use it on wavy hair to define waves, and you can use it over curly hair to enhance a wavy look, and Afro hair which will manipulate the curl pattern.

We recommend having hair at least bob-length to be able to wave.


Curly girls don't need to straighten their hair before use.


How to use a triple-barrel curling tong? 

Always prep the hair with a heat-protectant and section hair. Hold the iron at a 45-degree angle to avoid any harsh lines. Clamp down on hair avoiding being too close to the roots. Re-clamp the first barrel onto the last wave bend for a seamless wave. Continue through to ends over whole head. We recommend clamping with the barrels facing upwards so you can see which section you’re working on and you can move onto the next section with ease. Finish off with a styling spray to make the waves last longer.