Bridgerton season two aired over two weeks ago now, and our lives haven’t been the same since.

Before we go any further, we want to put a big fat SPOILER ALLERT in case you haven’t seen it yet. 

The pinnacle of the season was Anthony and Kate’s love affair. Our hearts melted with these two – the slow burn, the tension and the chemistry are just… *chef’s kiss*.


Romance, gossip and politics aside, Bridgerton’s hair stylist was working hard this season (saying goodbye to Anthony’s awful sideburns) with every pin, curl, crown and braid placed to absolute perfection. As we delve into season two, we cross-examine our fave characters personal growth and how it is reflected with their hair.


Cue Lady Whistledown’s voice from this point forth.

Dearest reader, shall we visit some of the best hairstyles in this season and how to achieve them?


Kate Sharma AKA The Viscountess Bridgerton


Just as Kate Sharma breathes elegance, confidence and no-nonsense, her hairstyle mimics the same. Kate’s perfect up-do represents security, sensibility and practicality, which coincides with her attitude of being happy to style her hair herself if her maid isn’t available. 

Recommended products: The Comb Kit + The Pony Kit 

How to: On dry hair, use the Tail Comb in our Comb Kit to part hair in the middle. Brush out to make sure there are no knots. Use a hair elastic or claw clip from the Pony Kit to style hair in a bun. Use the Tail Comb again to bring out some loose locks that frame the face. Finish the look with our signature Pony Gel found in the Pony Kit to smooth down any flyaways and keep hair in place.


Daphne Bridgerton AKA The Duchess of Hastings

In season two, Daphne is looking much more mature, feminine and duchess-worthy, and we’d like to thank the evolution of her bangs for that (anyone else get a bit distracted by the whisps in season one?). Oh, and also the baby. While Daphne wears her hair down more this season, we can’t go past her signature half-up half-down side curl (yes, we mean curl not curls because there is only one).

Recommended products: Mermade Mist +  28mm Straightener + Comb Kit + Clear Claw Clip 

How to: Use the Tail Comb found in our Comb Kit to part hair in middle and sweep the sides up to create the half-up component. Twist into a bun and secure with our Clear Claw Clip. Use our heat-protectant Mermade Mist and spray on the hair that has been left down. Use the Straightener to clamp hair, then angle and rotate straightener downwards to create curls. Bring hair to the side and collect curls together to create a single big curl. Finish off with another spritz of the Mist to keep hair in place.


Penelope Featherington AKA Lady Whistledown

The biggest plot in season one was Penelope being Lady Whistledown. We definitely did not see that one coming! But now that we know, we love her all the more for it. Penelope’s hair has taken it up a notch this season while simultaneously saying goodbye to her mother’s tightly bound influence. It’s screaming independence, certainty, wealth (um, hello Lady W cash bonuses) and maturity. It is the definition of coming-of-age hair. Throughout this season, Penelope’s curls become looser over time, and we desperately want to mimic it. 

Recommended products: Mermade Mist + 28mm Straightener + Pony Kit + Grip Clips + Comb Kit

How to: Part hair slightly off centre. Spray heat-protectant Mermade Mist over hair. Use the Grip Clips to section hair – the smaller the sections the better. Start from the bottom layer to simultaneously drag and rotate the hair straightener to create curls. You want to create a tighter curl at this point. Repeat over full head of hair. Once finished curling and hair has cooled, use the Mist to spray again. Then grab our Wave Comb from the Comb Kit and comb out the curls to loosen them up. Pin up sections by using the bobby pins in our Pony Kit. 

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise, Penelope’s bestie, starts off strong this season with an updo featuring a massive feathery headpiece – a push from her mother in the name of love. But when Eloise (or rather her mother) isn’t trying to impress, she adorns some beautiful, soft, effortless waves. It’s young, fun and free.

Recommended products: Mermade Mist + 32mm Pro Waver + No-Crease Clips

How to: Spray hair lightly with heat-protectant. Use the No-Crease Clips to pin the hair off your face at eye-level. You won’t need to section hair with this look, all you need to do is use the 32mm Pro Waver to loosely clamp and release to create soft, relaxed waves,


Did we miss anyone? Check out our Mermade Hair x Bridgerton Pinterest board for more inspo!


Miranda Nunn-Parker