The Hottest Euphoria Hair Trends

Are you obsessed with everything Euphoria as much as us? The hair, makeup and fashion is everything that everyone is talking about at the moment. Each teen has a distinct look that gives an insight into who they are, how they see the world, and what their internal struggles are. Wondering what you need to recreate the iconic hairstyles? Read on! 


Maddy expresses her personality through being “trendy” and “popular”. Vibrant makeup, polished hair and badass outfits represent a strong, fearless Maddy who is still navigating her love, family and friendships throughout her adolescent years. We love Maddy’s hairstyles, but we can’t go past her hair waved in an up-do.

What you need: 32mm Waver, Mermade Mist, Claw Clip. 


Cassie is cute. She’s sweet. She’s popular. She’s a modern Barbie. Cassie gets her signature style from devouring what people around her wear - whether it be social media or IRL. But her clothing colour of choice is blue, symbolic for her inner sadness. Her hair is big, bouncy, romantic and feminine. Her signature hairstyle, the ‘bubble braid’ is an ode to the early ‘00s, and fret not - super easy to achieve at home!

What you need: 28mm Straightener (for the curls), Pony Kit, Mermade Mist.


We love Kat for her relatable character growth… and fashion growth. From a body-conscious teen to embracing her curves, Kat blessed our screens with some of the best looks Euphoria has seen. Kat has been rocking her bob since the beginning. She loves keeping it straight and slightly wavy, sometimes mixing it up with a half up-do and sometimes with low pig-tails. Whatever look she creates, she seriously gives us short-hair envy.

What you need: Hair Dryer, No-Crease Clips, Mermade Mist.


Every high school drama series needs a preppy girl-next-door type. And this is Lexi in a nutshell. From her lack of confidence to the ribbons in her hair, Lexi is just a kid trying to navigate her own path. Her classy outfits are finished with her low-key romantic locks that tend to adorn braids and a curly front part.

What you need: Blow Dry Brush, Pony Kit, Comb Kit


The free-spirited Jules wears her hair just so; simple, undone and free. Jules has her hair short this season, but still tends to wear it straight and sleek. You can never go wrong with this simple and relaxed tucked-behind-the-ears look. If Jules can do it, you can do it.

What you need: 28mm Straightener, Comb Kit