What Goes Around, Comes Around... Every 20 Years

Ever heard of the 20-year rule? It’s a thing. It refers to a trend being in its peak popularity, slowly dying, then becoming fashionable again in a cycle that averages 20-30 years. It can be evident in décor, film, art, fashion, and in this case, hair.

The hashtag #Y2K tutorials have amassed over 1.6 billion views on TikTok with celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid showing us how it’s done. We’ve noted our top 7 fave noughties hairstyles that are cool, playful, and easy to do.

  1. Baby Braids

The small thin plaits can be seen throughout the hair, alone as an accent, or framing the face to create tendrils. They’re seen on red carpets, in editorial photoshoots and stylised as festival hair. It-girl Hailey Bieber tailors her baby braids with hair elastics at the top and the bottom to create an extra dimension to accentuate her facial features.


  1. Tendrils

A tendril is defined as something light and thin – specifically relating to plants – but it has made its way into our lexicon as a synonym for face-framing strands. Aside from being light and thin, tendrils have evolved into curls, braids, waves, bon-bons and slick strands. The queen of tendrils, Dua Lipa, is known for her thick – and sometimes coloured – strands that have been parted down the middle and paired with a top knot.


  1. Space Buns

Messy, sleek, braided, natural, coloured, glittered, half-up half-down, Bantu knots… there are so many ways to wear space buns. They are cute, yet edgy, and can be adorned on short and long hair, fine or thick hair. You can even sport them on day old hair so you don’t have to wash it. Lizzo enhances her natural beauty with hair slicked back arranging into her natural curled space buns.


  1. High Pigtails

High pigtails were made famous in Britney Spears’ hit single Baby One More Time and has circulated throughout time, from Baby Spice to Lizzie McGuire and more recently Harley Quinn. The look represents innocence, youth and femininity. TikTok star Kristen Hancher has made the hair style a staple in her social media feeds, often coupling it with brightly coloured hair or puffy scrunchies.


  1. Claw Clips

 As Friends circulates television on the daily, Rachel Green’s iconic claw clip hairstyle reminds us all of the easiest way to style strands for an on-duty and off-duty look. While the formality of a bun portrays sleekness and a well put-together look, the humble claw clip lends it a “oh, this old thing?” homage to the 90s and 00s. KUWTK star Kendall Jenner is often seen wearing claw clips with a twisted bun while doing everyday tasks, such as getting a coffee or going to the shops… and still looking like a damn supermodel. You can get your very own Mermade claw clips here.


  1. Butterfly Clips

If you didn’t have a collection of butterfly clips in all different colours, shapes, and sizes, then did you even naughties? We love seeing this cute accessory scattered on long let-down locks, on bubble braids, at the root of tendrils and just as an extra way to get the hair off your face. Megan Thee Stallion carefully curates a hairstyle with colourful butterfly clips that match her makeup and clothing.


  1. Zigzag Part

Probably the most cringe-worthy hairstyle of the decade is now loved by celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Zendaya and Julianna Hough. To achieve this look, use the pointed end of a tail comb – as found in our Comb Kit – and draw a zigzag from front to back where you usually part your hair. For a more modern twist on the style, aim for three or four zigzag points and finish with the hair in an up-do. We recommend using a styling mousse or hairspray to smooth down any baby hairs and for a long-lasting hold.